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Why AdWords?

Google AdWords (currently Google Ads) is an advertising system that displays sponsored links in Google search results as well as banners and text ads on Google Display Network pages, cost-per-click and CPM (Cost Per Mille) . From July 2018, the system is called Google Ads.

Every day millions of user queries come to Google’s search engine. They search for various things – from inspiration, play, to knowledge and specific products. If you have a company, it is impossible to ignore the opportunities offered by advertising on Google. You get this opportunity with the Google AdWords system – a paid solution that can show your business as the first in search results.

What does the Ad Words campaign give you?

  • Fast results – effects and first clicks from the first day of the campaign
  • Control over costs – the top-up model guarantees a certain cost. If the effects are unsatisfactory, you do not need to top up your wallet.
  • The google engine filters the bots, so you’re more likely to visit valuable pages
  • The advertisement goes to the audience you specify

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