UI or user interface – UI is the creation of a language through which the software will be able to communicate with the user. The elements of the UI are all visual elements, eg menu, gallery, text layout, color or everything related to the aesthetic layer that facilitates communication with the program / site / application that is to achieve our goal. UI can also be responsible for physical elements that help in communication such as all kinds of keyboards, control panels and peripherals. Currently, touch panels seem to displace a large part of physical keyboards in favor of touch screens.

UX or user experience – unlike UI, UX does not create a language to communicate program – user, but tries to improve it. Its purpose is to discover individual personal qualities of a given group, to which a given product or service will be targeted, and then based on the information gathered to tailor the product or service to facilitate and improve communication, thereby making the product more intuitive and more pleasant to receive the average user.

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