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DNAVI agency

We implement effective internet marketing using modern media

We are an interactive agency from Katowice. We specialize in the design and implementation of modern websites, portals and online stores, positioning and branding using modern media. DNAVI was founded in 2015 as a startup subject to Academic Incubators of Entrepreneurship, and in 2017 transformed into a business. Our experience allows us to provide services at the highest level for clients all over the world. The effectiveness of our services has already been checked by clients from Poland, the United States, Ukraine, Russia and Germany.

Why us?

During the implementation of the project, we take care of every detail from the beginning to the end, so that the results of our work are satisfying and delightful in every respect, both for the client and his clients. We care about the portal both during the implementation period, but also after completion to guarantee the highest quality of services for our clients. It does not matter if the work is done for small enterprises or for large companies – the attitude to this work remains unchanged.

How to start cooperation with us?

  1. Contact us by phone or using the contact form.
  2. We will set a convenient time and place and a way of meeting at which we will present a free quote
  3. We will define the work schedule (project, implementation, implementation)
  4. Ready

How do we settle with our clients?

We use the form of fixed price settlements (fixed price) and time & material (payment for hours worked).

Fixed price is a form of settlement based on a fixed, agreed amount for a specific scope of functionality. It is the best solution for large and small enterprises, which are determined what functionalities their mobile or web application should have and have a specific budget.

Time & material is work based on a fixed hourly rate and scope of activities, which is not precisely specified or can be modified many times. This is the best solution for startups, due to numerous changes and improvements as well as control over the available budget.

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